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Our Mission

The Way Preschool was founded and incorporated as a non-profit in 2021, with the mission to curate a unique and special preschool program to serve families in the San Marcos region. After a few decades of combined experience mentoring, teaching, educating, coaching and pouring into the lives of special needs children, preschoolers, jr. high and high school students as well as young adults, the founders realized what a profoundly important and vital role early childhood, and the family, has on the development of a healthy and thriving individual. The founders during this time also worked with a company that brought awareness and education on the negative impact of media and screen time on young developing brain. The founders left the company realizing how paramount in our day and age it is to protect and preserve, in every creative way possible, little developing minds and brains from the highly addictive nature of electronics, digital distraction, and unhealthy screen time. Therefore, The Way Preschool provides a unique screen-less preschool learning environment. Our teachers will work a little harder but we believe the benefit is worth it. 


After a few years of addiction and trauma research, the founders realized the need to develop, spread, and pursue health in education, preemptively. Health that encompasses the whole self; which, involve bio, psycho, social and spiritual components. Much trauma and the resulting addictions faced in our culture have a direct link to early childhood experiences. Much of the support, education and the healing of trauma is reactive, not proactive. Healing if any often take place in adults who are brave enough to embark on the journey, but rarely is healing proactive & preemptive and not remedial. In other words, trauma healing and education comes after the damage has been done, not before. This is why we firmly believe that if we can heal our children, we can heal our world. Therefore, in addition to our childcare center, The Way Preschool will seek to educate, equip and support families, parents and caretakers by providing resources on the components, practices, research and data that correspond to healthy early childhood formation. Our preschool strategy is very much, preemptive. We see our center as not just education and care but child formation that if done properly will have a lasting impact on the rest of the child's life. 

Aside from striving to provide a quality education and passionate attentive, trauma informed care, we believe that following The Way of Jesus, and taking on His practices, disciplines, and habits, will bring about health. We don't follow any other person or church philosophy, other than Jesus. When we talk about The Way of Jesus we are not talking about religious fundamentalism, or shallow programmatic entertainment that has distracted from the foundation of Faith throughout the centuries and has led to much disillusionment. This is simply a path that we believe leads to health, spiritually speaking. A path that Jesus and the early church modeled. Aside from teaching academics we will be incorporating very practical training and education.

We will focus, very simply, on a few areas of formation taken from the lifestyle of Jesus.


A few examples are…


(1) Gratitude.

(2) Compassion. 

(3) Forgiveness. 

(4) Mercy. 

(5) Simplicity. 

(6) Contentment. 

(7) Silence. 

(8) Solitude. 

(9) Thankfulness.

(10) Unconditional Love.


We welcome parents participation, questions and we will  keep parents resourced on these simple but powerful concepts. We will explain, not just the concepts, but the science and research that show the benefit of these simple habits in healthy early childhood brain development and there benefit towards integration and healthy whole child formation. Much like our academic approach utilizing components of inspiration from the Reggio Emilia teaching philosophy, on the faith side, our instruction will in no way seek to shame, judge, guilt, coerce or control any child or parent. Like our academics, play based activities, school functions as well as our faith component we will keep our parents in the loop. We believe that safety, love and care should be extended to every child. We hope that every respective caretakers who drops their child off would feel a sense of peace and contentment knowing with conviction that their child is in great hands while they support and love their families economically. We want to be a seamless extension of a loving home. As a result of this conviction, we exist to serve, love, and give compassionate attention to every child that walks through our doors.


We are grateful for a collective team of like minded individuals, with big hearts, who want to make a positive impact and profound investment in early whole child education and to each child's respective families. We are grateful for their time, energy and financial investment to make the vision of The Way Preschool a reality. We firmly believe that any deposit of love, care, and attention made into the lives of little children is an extremely wise investment and will result in a priceless return of investment for our society and culture.

Thank you for your consideration and any partnership or support in making a lasting difference in early childhood care and education!

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