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Our Purpose

The philosophy and purpose here at The Way Preschool is quite simple. We want to do whatever it takes to nurture, care for, love, educate and protect your precious little child during the most important and formative years of their life.


A core value of ours at The Way Preschool, is partnership and collaboration with caretakers.  Our mission isn’t to just exist as a business and program.  We don’t want you to just drop off your child at our center to learn ABC’s and have fun. We want to be united linking arms, hearts, minds, and to be of a conscious purpose. Put simply, we want to stand in solidarity, and unity with you.

We want every child that graduates from our center to have a realistic and obtainable trajectory towards health in all aspects of their life!  As a leadership team it is our mission to provide an every day environment of safety, consistency and professionalism!


"Children are not a distraction from the priority. they are the priority."

- Mother Theresa

Our Instructors

Our staff is carefully selected to provide a loving and nurturing Christian environment while stimulating the children cognitively and socially. All staff members are experienced, well- qualified, and knowledgeable in child development. Kindness and consideration are modeled in both words and behavior. Positive reinforcement is used to guide children and help them develop a strong self-esteem. Staff members are required to attend staff meetings, professional seminars and conferences on new developments in early childhood education to provide a quality program for the children.

Jennel Denham, The Way Preschool Director, located in San Marcos, California
Jennel denham

Director and Lead Teacher

The Way Preschool is directed by Jennel Denham. Jennel is a uniquely gifted, highly nurturing, and patient person. Jennel has made a huge contribution to the vision and birth of the Way Preschool.  She has worked with preschoolers for years, homeschooled her three boys, as well as cared for preschool children with severe disabilities. Additionally, Jennel has also worked with the youth for ten years as alongside her husband. Journeying with the next generation and their families for nearly a decade, opened her eyes to the importance and need for a positive, healthy, and wholistic childhood experience. 

Sadly,  Jennel recently lost one of her mother figures unexpectedly. Her name was Tammy.  Although Tammy was not Jennel's biological mother Tammy nurtured and loved Jennel like she was her own child when Jennel was young. This forever changed Jennel's life. This experience with Tammy greatly influenced Jennel's heart towards children. Jennel is motivated to pass on Tammy's legacy and embody a very similar type love and care. She is excited for this year and to warmly welcome every child.


Jennel married her high school sweetheart and has three young boys who are the loves of her life. 

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Amanda Chambers

Assistant Director and Lead Teacher

Amanda is the Assistant Director and a Lead Teacher of the 4-5-year-old TK class.  Amanda has years of experience teaching young children.  Prior to coming to The Way, she was a Lead Teacher at an Early Intervention class for children 18 months to 3 years whom had developmental delays and various disabilities.  This experience was pivotal inspiring and shaped Amanda into the teacher and mother she is today.


In addition to teaching, she has over 15 years of experience, in various management, marketing and administrative roles and a degree in Graphic Design.

Amanda is married and has an incredible little girl.

Deanna Baltov

Lead Teacher

Deanna is a the Lead Teacher of the 3 year old Preschool class at The Way.   Deanna brings years of preschool teaching experience to our school before she became a mother of two girls.  Not only does she have experience teaching, but she also has a bachelor's degree in Psychology and Early Childhood Education, with a certification in Special Education and Holistic Nutrition.


Given Deanna's education, experience as a mother and previous teacher, she brings trust, dedication, love, passion, and safety for all children at the school... their "home away from home."

Deanna is married and has two incredible little girls. 

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