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About The Way Preschool 

The mission, philosophy and purpose here at The Way Preschool is quite simple. We want to do whatever it takes to nurture, care for, love, educate and protect your precious little child during the most important and formative years of their life!


Our mission statement is, “Giving attention to what matters most.”  We believe every child, is, what matters most. Your child is a priority and warrants the most complete, professional and wholistic care possible! We firmly believe that in God’s eyes, every child is precious, valuable and warrants special attention and care during their crucial stages of development


A core value of ours is, partnership and collaboration with caretakers over just existing as a business and program. We don't just want you to drop your child off at our center to learn ABC's and have fun, we want to link arms, hearts and minds, and to be of a conscious purpose. We want every child that graduates from our center to have a realistic and obtainable trajectory towards health in all aspects of their life! We want to stand in solidarity, and unity with you. As a leadership team it is our mission to provide an every day environment of safety, consistency and professionalism!


We want each child to thrive mentally, emotionally, physically, socially, creatively, academically and spiritually.


Because we desire to build our preschool properly, we have listened intently to parents, teachers, professors, faith leaders, and have paid close attention to the studies and research on what is lacking in early childhood education. We will do our best to implement the systems and programs necessary to address the lack. We are confident in our teaching philosophies and the components of what contributes to whole child formation and health during this day and age. We believe our approach is not outdated, but timely and relevant.


Sadly, many fail to realize how much early childhood education and the environment the education takes place in, impact the rest of the child's life, for better or for worse! We care about the education but also the environment the the educating takes place in. Your child deserves the best, and at the Way Preschool each child will be treated as we would treat our own children. For example, we care, even down to the water we serve. This is why we provide Carlsbad Alkaline Water, cold, to each classroom. 


Mother Teresa accurately said, “Children are not a distraction from the priority they are the priority!”


We hope that we earn the privilege to partner and collaborate with you to cultivate, curate and shape your child towards health and wholeness in every dimension of their life!

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